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What is tungsten carbide


Tungsten carbide is also called cemented carbide, it is made from WC and Cobalt or Ni, has high hardness, high TRS, and long life time. It is the second hard metal ( the first hard is diamond). Because of tungsten carbide special properties, most industrial lines and machine lines use it to tool or tool parts.
In application, the tungsten carbide is most in three scope: wear resistant parts(abrasive parts), dies, cutting blade. They are many different name for the same products. There’s also tungsten jewelry, such as tungsten rings, bracelet, and so on. For example, cemented carbide dies is also called carbide nibs, cold forging dies is also called heading dies, punching dies, stamping dies and soon.  Tungsten carbide rods is also carbide round bars, strips is also called rectangular bars…..
But in shape, there are thousand of kind: square, rectangular , round, cylindrical, any special and strange shapes.