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Cobalt powder price is rising sharply


Hi ZZBETTER's valued customers in tungsten carbide filed,


How are you? The weather in Zhuzhou city is very warm now, temperature high to 23 centigrade while one week ago the temperature was low to 8 centigrade. In the noon standing or walking in the sunshine, you'll feel it is as hot as Summer.


Similarly, the price for Cobalt material is in same situation. Now the price for Cobalt material is doubled, rising from RMB250.0 to RMB500.0. From last week the price rise RMB 10.0/day, it is really very high rising rate. Affected by the Cobalt material rising price, price for WC material is also rising. Fortunately, the rising rate is not high.


Predicted by economists who know tungsten carbide field well, the price for tungsten carbide products will rise 10% to 15% in March, the rising percentage will be in accordance with Co% of tungsten carbide grades. If the price for Cobalt material keeps on rising, the price will be even higher in April. However, even the price don't rise in April, the cobalt material price will keep in such high rate for at least half a year.


The rising price, the rising demand. It is a golden rule for market. ZZBETTER wish you good business and make good money in this period of time, just like the increasing blooming flowers in Spring.


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